About Adulting

Harlan L. Landes and Miranda Marquit created Adulting to help more than just a generation of young people adapt to the world around them. Your two hosts are the anti-gurus; they’ll help you cut through the self-help BS to get to real ideas for adulting like a boss and moving life forward.

Adulting takes a look at human behavior from a scientific perspective and distills and organizes being a grownup into actionable advice, relevant for adults of all ages, struggling or not. It’s a fun look at how you, too, can make a few changes in your life, and impress your friends, colleagues, family, and supervisors with your expertise in handling yourself in your life.

TL;DR: Let’s get better at adulting. Everybody has a lot to learn, and with Adulting, the journey will be awesome!

Here’s more about Harlan, Miranda, our contributors, and how you can contribute, too!

About Armond and Flora

Introducing our #adulting friends, Armond and Flora.



Armond was born in 1888 in Maryville, Mississippi. He was the son of a poor farmer, and with his brothers, he woke up at 4:00 am every morning to milk the family’s cows. Armond gained an education at a teacher’s college, and went on to become a successful salesman of soap and other products, in charge of significant territory.



Flora was the only child born to a wealthy Springfield, Illinois family in 1887. She enjoyed riding horses and, while she was still young, Flora inherited a large business enterprise from her father, who was an inventor. While she enjoyed finer things, she was known to the world as a philanthropist.

Credit: Wellcome Library, London.

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