[B047] When Your First Job After Graduation Sucks, ft. Lindsay VanSomeren, Notorious D.E.B.T.

There’s a good chance your first job out of college will be shitty. Here’s how to cope when reality doesn’t live up to your degree dreams.

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Show Notes

Ugh. Does your first job out of college suck?

Join the club.

One of the first harsh lessons of adulting is that sometimes you don’t get your dream job when you finish your degree. But just because the job sucks, doesn’t mean you can’t learn something.

Lindsay VanSomeren from Notorious D.E.B.T. joins us to talk about her terrible first job after college — and what she did to get out of the rut. It’s your first job, not your permanent job. Learn, survive, and move on to something better.

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Watch the video above or listen to the audio podcast below.

Hosted byHarlan L. Landes and Miranda Marquit
Produced byadulting.tv
Edited and mixed bySteve Stewart
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