[A062] Fake News, Lies, and Bias: Make Truth Matter Again

Fake news is so enticing that real facts often have no impact on other people’s beliefs.

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Fake news seems to be the latest buzzword.

Every time you turn around, someone is accused of peddling fake news.

The ramp-up in inaccurate stories during the last election is well-documented, and we continue to see the fallout.

On top of that, it seems like no one actually cares about facts. It’s all “feelings” and “opinions” and, as Stephen Colbert puts it, “truthiness.”

How can you tell the difference? And does it even matter anymore?


  • Facts DO matter. We shouldn’t be making big policy decisions based on lies.
  • The difference between fake news and biased perspective.
  • The problems with using facts in your argument.
  • Unfortunate truth that fear and other emotions often matter than truth.
  • The role of social sharing in the spreading of lies and fake news.
  • How the internet allows us to build an alternate reality.
  • Signs that you are looking at fake news.
  • A handy guide for figuring out which news sources are reliable, no matter which side you’re on.
  • How fear-based news can actually change your brain.
  • The idea of demanding integrity from our leaders.
  • An examination of how things are different right now.

This week’s “do nows” are all about checking your biases. You need to engage in self-reflection and be brutally honest with yourself. Your news sources might not be the best sources of information.

Also, we also encourage reflection about the types of things you share on social media. Finally, don’t forget to get information from sources you don’t agree with. It can be uncomfortable to challenge your worldview, but it’s important.

Our listener question looks at what to do if you find your parents are being influenced by fake news.

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How fake news is produced in Macedonia
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Donald Trump accuses CNN of being fake news
How facts don’t matter to people
How people build their own alternate realities

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