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EpisodeDateEpisode Name
A1051/4/2018Kill It at Work: Set and Reach Your Career Goals This Year
B04712/30/2017When Your First Job After Graduation Sucks, ft. Lindsay VanSomeren, Notorious D.E.B.T.
A10412/28/2017Listen, Really Listen: Grow Your Emotional Intelligence to Make Better Decisions
B04612/23/2017Choose a Health Plan That Won’t Make You Sick with Jennifer Jackson, ADLT 101
A10312/21/2017When Your Friends Won’t Visit: Make and Keep Your Home Presentable
A10212/14/201710/10 Would Hire: Get the Professional References You Deserve
B04512/8/2017How to Land Your Dream Job, ft. Lillian Karabaic, Oh My Dollar
A10112/7/2017Debt the Halls: Splurge on Joy, Save the Money
A10011/30/2017Tongue-Tied No More: Approach That Hottie Over There
B04411/25/2017Travel While Budgeting Like an Adult, ft. Whitney Hansen, The Money Nerds
A09911/23/2017How to Manage Money Like a Millionaire
B04311/18/2017Use These Tips From the Military to Command Your Life ft. Justin Taylor, Saving Sherpa
A09811/16/2017Holiday Hosting: Entertain Guests and Stay Sane
A09711/9/2017Wall Street Walkers: Build Wealth Without the Stock Market
B04211/4/2017Pay Off Your Big Student Loans ft. Choncé Maddox
A09611/2/2017Take This Job: Quit Without Destroying Your Career
A09510/26/2017Insecurity Breach: Tackle Trust Issues With Your Partner
B04110/21/2017Be a Kickass Single Mom ft. Emma Johnson from Wealthy Single Money
A09410/19/2017Customer Serviced: Get Everything You Could Ever Want
B04010/14/2017When Tinder Gives You Sriracha Steve and Butt Boy ft. Gwen, Fiery Millennials
A09310/12/2017Sky-High Credit Score: Win Over Lenders and Lovers
B03910/7/2017Lifestyles of the Financially Independent ft. Doug Nordman, The Military Guide
A09210/5/2017Right Away, Sir: Maximize the Ish out of Your Unpaid Internship
B0389/30/2017Building Resilience When Life Kicks You In the Ass ft. Michelle Jackson
A0919/27/2017Love It Up: Romance the Ish out of Your Partner
A0909/22/2017Moving Out: Get Away From Your Hometown
B0379/16/2017Boost Your Confidence to Be Your Own Boss ft. Monica Louie
A0899/14/2017Get Covered: Buy All the Insurances Except Some
A0889/7/2017It Was Mentor to Be: Supercharge Your Success by Talking
B0369/2/2017When Moving Home Isn’t Failure to Launch, ft. Connie Albers
A0878/31/2017End of Sibling Drama: Get Over It
B0358/26/2017Take Care of Your Mental Health as an Entrepreneur ft. Lynette Davis
A0868/24/2017You Might Be Brainwashed: Think for Yourself
B0348/19/2017Money and Fitness Have This in Common, ft. Jessica Moorhouse & Jaclyn Phillips
A0858/17/2017Debt Bondage: Hack Your Student Loans
B0338/12/2017Live in an RV ft. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner
A0848/10/2017College Dropout: Make Good Money Without a Four-Year Degree
B0328/5/2017Have the Best Dating Life Ever While Raising a Family ft. Sarah Bettencourt
A0838/3/2017Step Off: Establish Boundaries With Your Parents
B0317/29/2017Improve Your Confidence by Accepting Bold Challenges ft. Martin Dasko, Studenomics
A0827/27/2017Off the Beaten Path: Prepare for International Travel
A0817/20/2017The Price of Happiness: Spend Money, Be Happy
B0307/15/2017The Real Life Boss: Behavioral Economics, ft. Emily Guy Birken
A0807/13/2017Desperately Seeking Employment: Find the Job You Can Have
B0297/8/2017Everything You Learned About Sex in 7th Grade Is Wrong, ft. Bez Stone
A0797/6/2017Just a Friend: Connect With the Opposite Sex
B0287/1/2017Negotiate Every Part of Your Life, ft. Rebecca Neale, Personal Finance Lawyer
A0786/29/2017Get the Worm: Change Your Life by Rising Early
B0276/24/2017Lessons Learned From Traveling the World ft. Teresa Mears, Living on the Cheap
A0776/22/2017Here’s a Tip: Show Your Appreciation – With Cash
B0266/17/2017What Some College Graduates Know About Networking That You Don’t, ft. Nick True, Mapped Out Money
A0766/15/2017Crush It: Impress During a Job Interview
A0756/8/2017The Formula for Awkward: Mix Business and Pleasure
A0746/1/2017Deep Connections: Find Your Own Spirituality
A0735/25/2017Money Mission Impossible: Buy Low and Sell High
A0725/18/2017Score That Interview: Make a Resume That’s Legit
A0715/11/2017Get It: Make a Killer Impression on the First Date
B0255/6/2017When You’re Young But Forced to Adult ft. Tara Falcone, ReisUP
A0705/4/2017Turnt: Handle the Drinks Like a Pro
B0244/29/2017Your Goals for Building Wealth ft. Todd Tresidder, Financial Mentor
A0694/27/2017Poor AF: Earn More, Save More, Get Help
B0234/25/2017Get a Financial Life ft. Beth Kobliner
A0684/20/2017Get That Paper: Ask for a Raise You Deserve
B0224/15/2017Be an Entrepreneur While in School ft. Eva Baker, The Teenpreneur
A0674/13/2017Don’t Freak: Talk Money With Boo or Bae
A0664/6/2017Those Tough Choices: Do the Right Thing
B0214/1/2017Buying a Home for First-Timers ft. Mindy Jensen, Bigger Pockets
A0653/30/2017True Freedom: Bust Out of Your Financial Chains
A0643/23/2017Live the Dream: Set Up Your Work From Home Situation
A0633/16/2017When You’re a People Pleaser: Say No to Those You Love
B0203/11/2017Stop Scraping By ft. Erin Lowry, Broke Millennial
A0623/9/2017Fake News, Lies, and Bias: Make Truth Matter Again
B0193/4/2017Take Back Your Lunch Hour ft. Katie Evans, Pressing Escape
A0613/2/2017The Imminent Collapse: Fix Your Financial Face
B0182/25/2017Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle ft. Clayton Daniel
B0172/18/2017Work and Play Abroad ft. Sarah Li Cain
A0592/14/2017Single and Hating It: Get Comfortable With Solo Life
B0162/11/2017The Perfect Product to Sell Online ft. Steve Chou
A0582/9/2017Humility: Thrive Without Being Obnoxious
B0152/4/2017When You Change Your Career ft. Alison Cardy
A0572/2/2017You're Covered: Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan
B0141/28/2017Parenting Your Sporty Kids ft. Matt Schulz
A0561/26/2017Life's Magical Cure: Pursue a Side Hustle
B0131/21/2017How Couples Resolve Differences ft. Tai and Talaat McNeely
A0551/19/2017Just Can’t With Them: Survive Conflicts With Family
B0121/14/2017Delayed Parenthood ft. Sandy Smith
A0541/12/2017Move Yo Butt: Make Moving Day Easy
A0531/5/2017Winning at Money: Slay Your New Year’s Resolutions
A05212/29/2016Hoodies and Ink: Dress for the Situation and Look the Part
A05112/22/2016You Up? Find a Date and Make It a Good One
B01112/17/2016Earn Money AND Do What You Love ft. Stefanie O'Connell
A05012/15/2016Self-Help BS: Avoid Predatory Gurus, Experts, and Bad Advice to Find Real Help
A00912/10/2016Rebroadcast: Holiday Hijinks: Accept That You’re Not a Kid Anymore
A01012/9/2016Rebroadcast: Holiday Showdown: Satisfy Your Relatives or Die Trying
A04912/8/2016Dump Debt or Invest: Choose Wisely to Avoid Destruction
A01112/8/2016Rebroadcast: Scrooged: Don’t Be a Cheap Holiday Grinch
A04812/1/2016You’re Fired: Move Forward in the Face of Job Loss
B01011/26/2016How to Set Up Your First Kitchen ft. Erin Chase
A04711/24/2016Long-Distance Relationships: Keep Them Fire
B00911/19/2016Control What You Can Control ft. J.D. Roth
A04611/17/2016Big Mucky Muck: Get Involved in Local Politics
A04511/10/2016Ish Happens: Prepare For the Inevitable Emergency
A04411/3/2016Start It Up: Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True
A04310/27/2016The (No) One: Build Your Soulmate From Scratch
A04210/20/2016Life’s Curveballs: Hit Them Out of the Park
B00810/15/2016Pay It Forward ft. Eva Baker
A04110/13/2016So SMART Or Not: Set Goals That Change Your Life
B00710/8/2016When Is the Right Time to Move In Together? ft. The Debt Free Guys
A04010/6/2016Battling Burnout: Get Ish Done
B00610/1/2016Living the Solopreneur Lifestyle ft. Zina Kumok
A0399/29/2016Grit: Succeed Overnight The Slow Way
A0389/22/2016Advocate for Yourself: Don't Be Bullied at Work
A0379/15/2016Community Service: Drop the Selfie Stick and Make a Difference
A0369/8/2016Get Busy: Start a Family Today
A0359/1/2016Your Jerk Boss: Terminate Your Frustrations at Work
A0348/25/2016To Life: Take Care of Your Health or Die
A0338/18/2016Edu Level Up: Tackle the Grad School Decision
A0328/11/2016Yes, Yes, Yes: Don't Do It Without It
A0314/28/2016Represent: Stop Feeling Like a Fraud
A0304/21/2016Destination and Journey: Make Your Road Trip Epic
A0294/14/2016Netflix and Chill Is Dead: Get the Passion Going
B0054/9/2016Should You Scale Back on Education to Pursue Your Own Business?
A0284/7/2016Dip Stick: Buy and Care For Your First Ride
B0044/2/2016How to Live Globally ft. Hui-Chin Chen
A0273/31/2016It Is Possible: Make New Friends in the Real World
A0263/24/2016Bye, Felicia: Overcome Separation Anxiety and Let It Go
B0033/19/2016Start a Side Gig ft. Tom Drake
A0253/17/2016Beast It Up: Outlive Your Friends By Getting Fit
B0023/12/2016Failure Isn't the End of the World ft. John Rampton
A0243/10/2016Drama Queen: Rise Above Petty
B0013/5/2016How to Choose Your First Credit Card ft. Matt Schulz
A0233/3/2016Loud ≠ Right: Share Your Opinion Without Being a Jerk
A0222/25/2016Yes or No: Do All the Things Except Some
A0212/18/2016Relationship Goals: Ditch Toxic Behaviors and People
A0202/11/2016YOLO, Yo? Carpe Diem Without Sacrifice
A0192/4/2016Rent-a-Home: Kill the Homebuying Debate
A0181/28/2016Life Is Messy: Get Organized and It Will Be Savage
A0171/21/2016Be Present: Throw Your Phone Into the Pool
A0161/14/2016Finding Calm: Relax, Damn It!
A0151/7/2016Your First Place: Survive With Just a Floor-Mattress
A01412/31/2015Life's Meaning: It’s Not 42. Figure It Out.
A01312/24/2015Cheating: Discipline Yo Self But Binge on Netflix and Ice Cream
A01212/17/2015Love Yo Self: Find Comfort in Your Fortress of Solitude
A01112/10/2015Scrooged: Don’t Be a Cheap Holiday Grinch
A01012/3/2015Holiday Showdown: Satisfy Your Relatives or Die Trying
A00911/26/2015Holiday Hijinks: Accept That You’re Not a Kid Anymore
A00811/19/2015Bajillionaire Dreams: Start Investing Yesterday
A00711/12/2015Motivate Yo Self: Suck It Up and Do The Thing
A00611/5/2015Navigating Work: Don't Blow Your Job
A00510/29/2015Cheese Balls: Eat Less Crap (And Less Everything)
A00410/22/2015Status Update: OMG, Stop the Vaguebooking
A00310/15/2015Location Independence: Go Away, Just Get Out
A00210/8/2015Spending: Start a Foursome With Your Priorities, Values, and Money
A00110/1/2015People: You Need Them. Deal With Them.

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