[A093] Sky-High Credit Score: Win Over Lenders and Lovers

Credit is a lot like a game. You don’t want to lose.

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Everywhere you look, someone wants to know your credit score. The credit game is serious business. It can impact whether or not you can get a loan for your home, and can even influence your auto insurance rate in some states.

In fact, there is some indication that your credit matters when you’re looking for a date. Increasingly, the credit game is part of the dating game.

So, what do you need to know about credit? And how can you make sure that your credit is good credit? Harlan and Miranda tackle this issue in this week’s episode.


  • Your credit report vs. your credit score.
  • The basics of how a credit score is calculated.
  • Different scoring in the credit game.
  • What has the biggest impact on your credit score?
  • How to check your credit report and credit score.
  • Tips for staying on top of your credit situation.
  • How to develop good credit habits that can result in a good score.

For this week, our DO NOWs are about making sure you are checking your credit and financial accounts regularly. Check your credit report, set up with a consumer credit site, and create a schedule for monitoring your accounts.

This week, a reader asks how they can repair their credit. With the credit game, though, you don’t always need someone else to take care of business. We talk about what a credit repair company can — and can’t — do.

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Check your credit report.
Credit scores matter in dating

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