[A096] Take This Job: Quit Without Destroying Your Career

You may want to take this job and shove it, but the best thing to do is much more boring.

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It’s really tempting to quit your job with a flourish. We’ve seen the stories of the souls who launch into a tirade and stick it to the soul-sucking company they’ve been working for years.

It’s a nice thought, but an office meltdown or dramatic exit as you leave customers in a lurch probably isn’t the best way to quit your job. When you burn bridges, you run the risk of having your behavior come back to haunt you later.

Today, we talk about how to quit your job without destroying your career, and while keeping your network intact.


  • Reasons your current work relationships matter.
  • The importance of maintaining connections for networking purposes.
  • Why a dramatic exit might feel good but could cost you be ruining your reputation in an industry.
  • How to approach your boss about having the talk about you quitting.
  • Tips for having the conversation with your boss, without telling your coworkers.
  • The importance of talking with HR and making sure you understand the terms of your employment.
  • What you need to know if you plan to work for a competitor.
  • How to respond if your boss is being unpleasant.

This week’s DO NOWs address the steps you need to take in order get ready to quit your job. They include double-checking the terms of your employment before you talk to anyone, as well as creating a script.

Our listener this week really wants to be mean to everyone in their toxic work environment. However, that might not be the way to go. We talk about the merits of being professional no matter what — even if you don’t want to maintain relationships with those around you.

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