[A004] Status Update: OMG, Stop the Vaguebooking

Social media isn’t just harmless fun. It’s how people — from employers to potential partners — judge the type of person you are.

We like to think of social media as harmless fun — a way to be ourselves. Unfortunately, those youthful indiscretions, put on the Internet, can haunt us as adults.

With recruiters increasingly interested in social media profiles and companies worried that you will ruin their reputation, what you say on social media matters. No matter your privacy settings, there’s almost always a way for someone else to access the content you don’t want them to see.

We talk about how social media can ruin your job prospects and strain relationships with people you love.

Listen to the Do Nows, which focus on steps you can take to clean up your social media accounts, change your privacy settings, and focus on becoming a more thoughtful user.


  • The real impact of using social media.
  • An increasing number of companies use social media as part of background checks.
  • Which types of posts are most likely to turn potential employers off?
  • How vaguebooking can strain relationships.
  • How to decide what you plan to use social media for.
  • Tips for smart social media use.

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Rolling StoneHistory of people fired due to stupid social media use
The New York TimesStory of how a single tweet ruined one woman’s career
CareerBuilderStudy pointing to the types of posts employers worry about

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