[A006] Navigating Work: Don’t Blow Your Job

The way you handle yourself at work matters. It can affect your finances and your career trajectory. So don’t blow it.

We all want to put our best foot forward when looking for a job or climbing the career ladder. However, there are plenty of ways to mess up.

While it’s tempting to fudge on your resume or bash coworkers in an attempt to look good, most of these strategies will backfire — and could cost you your job.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of honesty and integrity, whether you are looking for a job, or whether you are trying for a promotion. Don’t get in the way of yourself.

Our Do Nows provide helpful tips for reviewing your skills and your resume, and re-tooling your approach to at-work interactions.


  • Can white lies on your resume really catch up with you?
  • How to avoid getting sucked into toxic workplace gossip.
  • Unprofessional behaviors that can put your career at risk.
  • Tips for asking for a promotion and/or a raise.
  • How do you identify disrespect and avoid those behaviors?
  • Realities of being a woman in the workplace and what you need to do to get ahead if you’re female.

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Business InsiderExamples of how lying on a resume can cost your job
Business InsiderThe ways women are still treated differently at work

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