[A014] The Meaning of Life: It’s Not 42. Figure It Out.

What is the meaning of life? The answer is a little more complicated than 42. Here’s how to find your own purpose.

What’s the meaning of life? The reality is that the answer is a little more complex than 42.

Join us as we explore the meaning of life — and how you can bring your own meaning to your days through exploring your purpose and the larger things you’d like to do with your time.

This episode offers steps you can take to find your own purpose and begin moving forward to create a life that you enjoy and feel good about.


  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why are we so interested in finding a higher purpose to life?
  • Are there steps you can take to learn how to find your own meaning to life?
  • How a life map can help you identify what matters most to you.
  • Reasons to think about your legacy.

Don’t forget to create a life map by using a process described by Harlan. His own life map is interesting — and can offer you inspiration as you search for your own purpose in life.

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