[A016] Finding Calm: Relax, Damn It!

Stressed out? Can’t slow down? Your health will suffer if you can’t find some inner peace and relax.

Do you have trouble relaxing?

It’s not always easy to relax — especially since the harder you try, the worse it is.

It’s important to find time to relax, but most busy people often find it difficult. We’ve got some tips for you. When you are unable or unwilling to relax, your stress levels can negatively impact your physical and mental health, your mood, and your relationships.

Slow down. Breathe deep. RELAX!


  • Why is it so important to learn how to relax?
  • What makes relaxing so difficult in today’s world?
  • Can your health really be impacted by stress?
  • Is “multitasking” making it more difficult for you to relax?
  • How to begin relaxing on your own.

You don’t have to be productive all the time. Take the time today to start spending a little time doing something enjoyable and relaxing. From breathing techniques to teach you calm, to taking the time for self-care, here’s what you need to know if you want to relax.

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