[A017] Be Present: Throw Your Phone Into the Pool

Step away from the phone. Engage with your fellow humans.

Technology is great when you want to connect with others — but it can also be an addictive distraction.

The truth is that we are wired to connect with people, and constantly playing games on our phones or using social media can actually make us feel worse. Plus, you think you’re multi-tasking, but you’re really not.


  • Why is it so tempting to use your phone or other devices all the time?
  • Is overuse of technology impacting your emotional health?
  • Could your relationships improve when you put down your phone?
  • Tips for making real connections with people, rather than relying on the phone.

Show the people in your life that they really matter. Learn to connect, and put down the phone. Read Harlan’s article on developing relationships with your loved ones, rather than disconnecting with the help of devices.

Listen to the podcast for specific things you can do right now to end your mobile device distraction.

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