[A018] Life Is Messy: Get Organized and It Will Be Great

Get organized. At the very least, you’ll know where your car keys are.

After losing weight, the #2 New Year’s resolution in 2015 to get organized. There’s a very good chance that the numbers are similar for this year. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like they have a handle on life. Organization tends to help you feel like you are ready to face the world. Or at least tackle the day.


  • Learn about the health benefits that come when you get organized.
  • Could you improve your relationships by being better organized?
  • Tips for avoiding over-scheduling and over-promising.
  • Tools that can help you get organized — and stay that way.

Some of the organization apps mentioned in this episode include Evernote, Trello, Asana, and Remember the Milk.

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