[A031] Represent: Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

No, “they” aren’t about to find you out.

Do you feel like a fraud? Is it sometimes hard for you to internalize your accomplishments? There’s a name for that feeling. It’s called Impostor Syndrome.

There are times that we all feel inadequate. However, you might be taking a step farther, and feeling like “they” are eventually going to “figure you out.” Perhaps you feel like, despite your accomplishments, you’re still faking everyone out. This feeling might be holding you back in life and in your career.

Today we look at some of the characteristics that might make you prone to Impostor Syndrome, as well as consider some ways that you can move beyond it.


  • What is Impostor Syndrome, and who is likely to have it?
  • Ways Impostor Syndrome can affect your ability to succeed.
  • Does struggling with something make you an impostor?
  • Strategies for getting around Impostor Syndrome.
  • Problems with fluffy motivation techniques and many self-help products.
  • How to begin owning your inner awesome.

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Model View CultureAn interesting look at the darker side of Impostor Syndrome

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