[A032] Yes, Yes, Yes: Don’t Do It Without It

Why do we struggle so much with the idea of consent?

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Rape culture and consent are squarely in the spotlight right now, with recent scandals involving the Brock Turner sentencing and how Brigham Young University and other schools handle sexual assault cases.

It seems like consent would be pretty cut and dry, but in our culture it’s anything but that for some reason. What counts as consent is wrapped up in environment, how you grew up, and expectations. But is that really good enough? Are we as a society content to watch rapists receive six-month sentences? Are we okay with dissecting everything about women to determine whether or not they “deserve” what happens to them? We need to move from the idea of consent as “didn’t say no” to the idea of affirmative consent, which is a definite “yes” from someone who is in control and capable of making the decision.

This is a heavy episode dealing with something that we all need to grapple with as adults. The right time to have sex is something we all wonder about, but we can pinpoint the wrong time as when someone hasn’t given affirmative consent.


  • Why is consent such a difficult concept in our culture?
  • What is consent? What is affirmative consent?
  • Reasons that consent can be difficult to understand.
  • What are some of the barriers to consent?
  • The importance of respecting other human beings.
  • The idea that it doesn’t matter what someone else is doing (what someone is wearing, drinking, etc.). It’s sexual assault unless you receive affirmative consent.
  • How women’s sexual repression might contribute to rape culture and issues revolving around consent.
  • The importance of understanding how you feel about sex so you can make more informed choices and respect others’ choices.

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