[A043] The (No) One: Build Your Soulmate From Scratch

The bad news about finding The One? Probably doesn’t exist. The good news about soulmates? You probably have more than you think.

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Are you hoping that finding “the one” will complete your life?

We’ve got bad news and good news about that. The bad news is that there probably isn’t a “perfect” partner for you. The good news is that you might be able to make it work with any number of your fellow humans.

Everything we are conditioned to believe about “true love” is likely wrong. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good partner for your life. It takes a bit of work, and you have to be willing to grow and change, but you can create a soulmate. At least that’s what science thinks.


  • Finding a soulmate vs. becoming soulmates.
  • “Made for each other” can actually kill your relationship.
  • How to work with a potential partner to improve your relationship over time.
  • Can you really rely on one person to furnish ALL of your emotional needs?
  • A look at research that indicates that polygamy might be part of our DNA, like monogamy is.
  • Is polyamory a real thing?
  • Could arranged marriages be better than finding the one?
  • The importance of self-reflection before you go out and try to find the one.
  • The importance of honesty and authenticity when looking for a partner. Be yourself.

Listen for our “do-nows” for specific actions you can take to approach your next relationship. We’ll also answer a listener question about finding the one who makes everything easy.

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Hosted byHarlan Landes and Miranda Marquit
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Edited and mixed bySteve Stewart
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