[A077] Here’s a Tip: Show Your Appreciation – With Cash

Nothing says “good job” like cold, hard cash. Know your tipping etiquette so you don’t look like a schmuck next time you’re out.

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We live in a culture that expects you to tip certain service providers. Understanding tipping etiquette can be tricky, though.

When do you tip? What sorts of services should you tip for? Are the times when you don’t need to tip? And, really, doesn’t it seem like everyone expects a tip today?

Today’s episode is all about not looking like a schmuck when you leave the house. You want to do your tipping right.


  • The culture of tipping and why we do it.
  • Where do we see tips?
  • Which service providers should you tip?
  • Tipping etiquette and social norms.
  • Why it’s important to tip workers who might not even be getting minimum wage.
  • How much should you tip?
  • When do you tip?
  • Special occasions and tipping.

In our DO NOWs we take a look at how you can figure out your own tipping behaviors. Don’t forget to make a list of people you should be tipping.

This week’s listener question has to do with tipping etiquette when figuring how much to leave at a restaurant. Do you tip on the bill before or after tax? We debate the merits of both.

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