[B001] How to Choose Your First Credit Card ft. Matt Schulz, CreditCards.com

Harlan, Miranda, and special guest Matt Schulz of CreditCards.com talk about what you need to know before applying for your first credit card.

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Adulting.tv LIVE! welcomes special guest Matt Schulz from CreditCards.com to talk about how to choose your first credit card. Miranda, Harlan, and Matt explore why someone might want to apply for a credit card, what is needed before applying for a credit card, what types of credit cards are available, and what to expect once you have a credit card.

Credit cards aren’t for everyone, but if you think you’re ready to handle your spending responsibly or you’re a seasoned credit card user, watch the replay.

Watch the video above, or listen to just the audio by using the player below.

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[B001] How to Choose Your First Credit Card ft. Matt Schulz, CreditCards.com was last modified: March 4th, 2017 by Harlan and Miranda

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