[B019] Take Back Your Lunch Hour ft. Katie Evans, Pressing Escape

Our guest, Katie Evans, is a career coach who focuses on the intersection of fulfillment and employment. Here’s how you take back your lunch hour.

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Show Notes

Katie Evans is a career coach whose clients approach her mainly because they are disconnected from and unfulfilled by their jobs. In this episode, Katie joins Harlan and Miranda to talk about making the most out of the intersection of career and happiness. Does it matter if our jobs provide meaning in a deeper level?

Katie encourages her clients to delve into their values. Perhaps a job is just a way to make money to provide the ability to focus on other things in their spare time.

In her former corporate job, Katie was unhappy and unfilled. She, like many in the corporate world, equated working long hours with success, but Katie found that approach to be detrimental to the rest of her life’s priorities and despite several promotions, felt like she hit rock bottom. Listen to her story to find out why, and how she Katie discovered what her values were, the one thing that trigger change, and how she works with her own clients now to help them find their new definitions of success.

Katie Evans is a life and career coach working with women to help them excel in a purposeful career while staying healthy and happy. Prior to coaching, Katie rose quickly to a Senior Director position within advertising but learned the hard way about the importance of prioritizing your wellbeing.

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Hosted byHarlan Landes and Miranda Marquit
Produced byadulting.tv
Edited and mixed bySteven Flato
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