[A036] Get Busy: Start a Family Today

Are you ready to care for another human being? The right time is different for everyone.

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Having kids can be a rewarding experience. Many of us like the idea of finding the one we love and starting a family. But when is right the time to start a family?

Deciding when to have kids — and how many to have — is one of the most important decisions we make as adults. After all, there is no greater responsibility than raising another human being. However, if you like planning, you might not be sure when to have your first child, or how to proceed.

There are many different ideas about when to start a family. Researchers suggest timing your start based on your age and likely fertility. You might also want to decide whether it makes sense for you to start early, or start late. There are merits to having kids when you’re younger, as well as having them when you’re older. Plus, you don’t want to forget about the importance of financial and emotional preparation ahead of starting a family.


  • How interested are you in having kids?
  • The importance of stability in a child’s life and early development.
  • How childcare factors into development.
  • A look at trends for those who start a family, including singles and co-parenting without romance.
  • Financial considerations associated with having children.
  • Tips for raising a family frugally.
  • The reality that it’s impossible to be truly ready to have children.
  • Are you ready to make changes in your lifestyle when you start a family?
  • How to talk to your partner about having children, and deciding when to have kids (and how many to have).
  • Deciding whether to start a family while you are young, or whether to wait until you are a little bit older.

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