[A038] Advocate for Yourself: Don’t Be Bullied at Work

Make work a better place. If you are concerned about bullying in the workplace, here’s what you need to do.

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Have you been bullied at work?

You might be surprised to learn that almost everyone has experienced bullying in the workplace. Bullies aren’t always overt in their efforts. Some just sabotage efforts, while others are more interested in browbeating or threats. Only a very few people actually experience physical assault in the workplace. Most bullying at work is more subtle.

You don’t have to be bullied at work, though. It’s possible for you to stand up against a culture that allows bullying and become an advocate for yourself. Once you understand yourself and your abilities, and learn to respect yourself, you can help create a culture of wider respect in your workplace.

Here’s how you can learn to be an advocate for yourself and for others.


  • A look at a culture of bullying, and how it comes to pass.
  • Different ways you might be bullied at work, and how bullying manifests itself in a workplace environment.
  • Realities of workplace bullying.
  • How to understand your own best qualities, and how to leverage them to reduce how you are bullied at work.
  • Tips for dealing with a bully at work.
  • How to work toward changing the culture at your company so that others don’t have to be subject to bullying as well.
  • What to do when your supervisor is the bully.
  • When it’s time consider leaving your job if the situation is too toxic.
  • Tips for talking to HR.
  • Ideas for creating a workplace policy related to bullying.

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