[A074] Deep Connections: Find Your Own Spirituality

Does religion = spirituality? Maybe not. You can be a spiritual person without religion. And maybe even without God.

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According to the PEW research center, fewer Americans are religious. Even if they believe in God or a higher power, many Americans balk at being considered part of a religious group.

On top of that, the number of Americans who don’t believe in God is on the rise.

So, what’s happening to spirituality? And is religiousity really the same thing?

Maybe not. You might be surprised to discover that your own spirituality isn’t dependent on whether or not you follow a religion — or even whether or not you believe in any sort of a God.


  • What is spirituality?
  • Is a belief in God or in some type of higher power or energy necessary to be spiritual?
  • Can you create your own spirituality without the need for religion?
  • How to develop a moral compass without a religion telling you what to do.
  • The importance of connecting to other people, no matter your spiritual tradition.
  • Benefits of spirituality.
  • How to use your own brand of spirituality to add meaning and purpose to your life.
  • Tips for developing more spirituality — with or without a belief in a higher power.
  • The goal of continued personal progress and self-improvement.
  • Appreciation for nature and other people.
  • Using your spirituality to help others and better the world.

This week’s DO NOWS focus on your values and using them to develop your own brand of spirituality. We suggest making a life map to get there. You can find examples of life maps from both Harlan and Miranda.

You can also research communities and organizations in your local area to find people who share your values. Finally, come up with three experiences that can help you enhance your spirituality. List them, and work toward them this month.

Our listener question is kind of sensitive, dealing with transitioning out of religion. We offer some thoughts on how to help your parents see your spirituality and love, even if you have decided that their religion is not for you.

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How Americans feel about different groups
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[A074] Deep Connections: Find Your Own Spirituality was last modified: June 26th, 2017 by Harlan and Miranda

One thought on “[A074] Deep Connections: Find Your Own Spirituality”

  1. One of my peak spiritual experiences (besides the birth of my children) was witnessing the breachings of a humpback whale and her daughter whale on a whale watch a few years ago in Santa Barbara. There have been many other moments,, but this really stands out as a most unforgettable experience. Time literally stood still. I felt connected to everything.

    Some music and opera performances are very memorable in this same way for me. It’s a transcendent experience, transcendent moments.

    This was a fantastic and insightful podcast. I think we all try our hardest however I am my worst critic. I always think I could do better. I guess the striving is important too.

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